Alumni Stories

BI Alumni_Geraldine


         Graduation Year: 2020

         Degree: Interior Design

         Current Position:

     - Int. Designer & Consultant at Bolia

     - Design Editor at VieDeFem Magazine





Briefly describe your current job/studies. Is it typical for a graduate in your field?

As Int. Designer and Sales consultant at Bolia, I am part of a team that shares a passion for unique and sustainable Scandinavian design furniture. My tasks include direct advice and service tailored to the needs of clients. Physically and through our online platforms. In my free time I work for a Magazine in NY as Design Editor. As a Design Editor at VDF, I provide a creative vision for the whole organization. Working side by side with the Chief Editor and Creative Direction to establish processes and practices for executing the vision and setting the bar for quality. I don't really know if these positions are typical in our field, but, I was looking for something that would allow me to apply my love as Interior design with visual arts, fashion and especially communication.


What did you take from your time as a student at BI and what are you able to apply most frequently?

Definitely time management, teamwork and being realistic with my goals, those are some skills that I took from University. I believe repetition is a very strong quality that has made other people successful in the past, so I try to learn every day new things to push my own limits.


What projects are you currently involved in or planning for the future?

I'm being part of the design process for a Magazine Pop-up Store in New York. Unfortunately I can’t give more details about it yet, but it’s something that excites me already.


Do you have any advice for current students?

Work hard and believe in yourself. Manifestation is a very strong quality needed to endure the hard times.


What is the most challenging work/study situation you have faced and how did you overcome it?

"Everything had to be ready yesterday." At the beginning, as in any new job, one needs time to understand the processes and how everything works. Many times there was no time to learn this processes and I had to trust myself and my skills. Basically, jump in and do it.


Describe a study- or workday; what is unique and what is routine?

If I am not helping my clients with their furniture at, I am in meetings or producing content for the Magazine in New York. Both jobs involves a lot of public relations, creativity, organization and research.




Don't just send your CV to HR, that department receives +100 profiles every day. Try to change your strategy by trying to impress the CEO. I'm sure if your profile is profitable, he will highlight your CV to HR; and what could be better than that? When contacting the CEO/Manager/Team Leader, try to find ways how YOU could help THEM with their goal as an organization. If you want something from them, don’t be afraid of giving up your best advices for FREE. Either they find your comments interesting and want a meeting with you; they don’t like your ideas at all, or they may steal them, but hey!, isn’t that a sign that you’re on the right direction? And, who wants to work with people like that anyways..

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