Student Clubs

Choose your Club!

You are looking for events, skills or knowledge that enriches your personal toolkit? Join us!

We will get together for a bunch of stuff, but what exactly will be only communicated on this channel 24h before the event.

A chatroom will be open after every event for chatting and exchange.

If you already have knowledge about a subject and would be interested in taking part more actively, reach out to the channel hosts and tell them - Your input is always inspiring and welcome!

The Factory will be open two times a month.

Friday or Saturday

at 6 PM

between 60 - 90 minutes

Take part and decide when it fits your schedule best!

Everyone is welcome to join after membership is proposed to channel hosts, by existing members. Everyone is welcome to propose and organize events.


The Factory

This is a safe place for women to come together to be heard and be seen.

We will meet to share our thoughts, empower ourselves, and spread our trust and love.

Meetings will be announced on the "BI CLUBS" Channel in MS Teams.


Women Circle

This club is about creating a digital "newspaper" and allows students a chance to express and share their opinion and ideas. Especially in these times and the online classes, it could be an excellent opportunity to meet other students from other departments.

What will you write about? 

Environment, cultures, cooking, art, and many more. The topics can and will vary from paper to paper. All participants in this club can decide and choose individually what to write about. It is completely open.

Besides wirting, you can share any kind of interest in all mediums - photography, painting, sketches, recipes, poetry, etc.

We will be happy to see you!

Meetings will be announced on the "BI CLUBS" Channel in MS Teams.


Newspaper Club

This club will be a positive place, where members can come together and guide each other by engaging in interesting and meaningful conversations as well as sharing different forms of media, in order to become more confident and proficient in their German or other foreign language skills! 

Get excited, cause your German is about to get next level!

Come and talk about absolutely anything that happens to be on your mind.

Meetings will be announced on the "BI CLUBS" Channel in MS Teams.


Tandem Club

The purpose of this club is to bring us all together and create an internationally friendly environment.

In this club students from different parts of the world get to know each other's backgrounds. Students get to present their culture, food, traditions, languages, and many other things they find interesting to share.

In every meeting each person brings something new with them, whether a food recipe, a traditional activity, a dance, music, a piece of history, literature, etc.

We want to learn new things! We tolerate and accept to grow together in one environment.

Meetings will be announced on the "BI CLUBS" Channel in MS Teams.


Cultural Club

Hey you, movie lover!

If you enjoy watching movies and sharing your thoughts about them, this is the right place for you. Each week we are going to watch one or more movies, get together, and chat about them.


Movie Club

This is a club in which people can express themselves and share their stories and experiences, about how people have overcome obstacles and challenges that we face today with the community.

The idea is to have a safe, interactive and supportive space that students can express themselves with no fear or judgement from other, also is to invite people that maybe is not part of LGBTQ but wants to learn how to support and sometimes address to other people from the community.

Develop and grow our way of think about it. Being open mind and respect others drives to new and creative ideas and a healthy environment.

Meetings will be announced on the "BI CLUBS" Channel in MS Teams.



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