Apply now at Berlin International

Start in Spring Semester 2022 (for transfers into a higher semester only):

1st December 2021 until 31st January 2022


Start in Fall Semester 2022/23 (for new and transfer students):

1st December 2021 until approximately 31st August 2022


To see all dates within the academic year, please view the current Academic Calendar.

You will complete your application electronically through our online portal at You will first register, then enter your personal details, and finally upload the required documents. These are:


For all BA programs:

  • Official Senior High School diploma with transcript (German Abitur / Fachabitur or equivalent)
  • Official University certificates and transcript of grades - if applicable
  • Passport or European ID card
  • English Language Test (level B2 or above)
  • Portfolio with 10 works - for Design and Architecture programs only


For the MA / MBA programs:

  • Official Senior High School diploma with transcript of grades (German Abitur / Fachabitur or equivalent)
  • Official University certificates and transcript of grades
  • Passport or European ID 
  • English Language Test (level B2 or above)
  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Portfolio with 10 works - related to interior design, for the MA Interior Design only
  • Letter from employer confirming a minimum of 1 year continuous full-time employment, for the MBA program only


All academic records need to be submitted in their original language, and, if that language is not English or German, certified translations into one of those languages must also be submitted.


If you are still waiting for your final documents to be issued, then please submit a statement of your predicted grades. This will allow us to process your application on a conditional basis. You will need to provide the official final transcripts when you receive them.


Once you have completed your online application, we will review it as soon as possible. An evaluation on your eligibility to study in Germany will be followed by the faculty selection process.

If you apply for a Bachelor in Business Administration, you should receive an answer within 1 week.

If you apply for any other program, the full application process should be completed within a maximum of 4 weeks.


For all BA programs:

You will generally need to hold a German Abitur / Fachabitur or equivalent to meet the German university entrance level requirements. These are set by the German Central Office for Foreign Education and apply to most German-accredited higher education institutions.


The requirements for the equivalence vary from country to country. We have summarized a few for the most frequently asked education systems:


To confirm whether you are eligible to study in Germany, the German Academic Exchange Service provides an English language resource:


For the original German source, please check the homepage of the Kulturministerkonferenz:


In some cases, you may need to acquire an additional qualification. That means you will need either to complete a German Studienkolleg or successfully complete the first academic year of a Bachelor´s degree outside Germany.


A 'Studienkolleg' is a university preparatory course which acts as a bridge between your current qualifications and the qualifications required to enter a German university. These programs generally prepare you for a German language university, and require German language proficiency. If you qualify for this type of program, you would be eligible to study at German post-secondary institutions upon successful completion of the examination (Feststellungprüfung, or FSP).


For more information on the Studienkolleg program in general, please see the following:


Berlin International does not offer such a program but would be able to accept students who have completed the appropriate Studienkolleg examinations. This however is not a typical route for our applicants. To gain eligibility for a higher education institute in Berlin, the Studienkolleg has to be completed in the German language as required by the Berlin Senate.


An alternative to the Studienkolleg would be to enroll into a university near you, or outside Germany, and complete the first academic year of a Bachelor´s degree successfully. It is important that the university and program are fully accredited, that you choose the same subject you intend to apply for at BI, and that you complete the first academic year with all courses and credits successfully. For some countries you may need to complete more than 1 academic year. Once you have done so, you will gain eligibility for higher education in Germany; this eligibility is restricted to the same subject you previously studied. However, you would be welcome to apply as a transfer student into a higher semester. Read more about this in the ‘Transfer students and course acknowledgements’ section.


Please note that Berlin International can only consider applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

All eligible applicants will be subject to faculty selection and seat availability per program.


For the MA Interior Design program:

A bachelor degree in Interior Architecture/ Interior Design or a related field is necessary. Note that if you do not have a degree in Interior Architecture/ Interior Design, your portfolio and CV will need to show that you have independently developed your knowledge of Interior Architecture/ Interior Design to a level equivalent to a Bachelor's degree.


For the MBA program:

A bachelor degree in Business Administration or a related field is preferred, but not required.  Note that if you do not have a relevant degree, your CV will need to show that you have independently developed your knowledge Business Administration to a level equivalent to a Bachelor's degree.

In addition, you are required to have gained at least 1 year of full time, continuous work experience after your bachelor graduation. Ideally you should have taken over managerial tasks already. If you have instead set up your own business, then proof thereof will be required.


For all master programs:

In order to meet the 300 ECTS credit requirement for graduation with the title of ‘MA Interior Design’ or ‘Master of Business Administration’, students who have completed a (German equivalent) 3 year bachelor degree will be accepted into the 2 year MA/ MBA program, and those who have a (German equivalent) 4 year degree will be recommended one option by the respective faculty and may opt for the 1 year MA/ MBA program.

Since all of our programs are fully taught in English, we will require a proof of your language skills. German knowledge is not required.

If your language skills are at B2 level or above, one of the following language test certificates and scores can be accepted for your application:

  • TOEFL ITP: 543
  • TOEFL IBT: 74
  • IELTS (Academic): 6 (in each subsection)
  • Cambridge FCE: B2
  • PTE Academic: 59
  • BAU 'English Language Proficiency Exam': 60/100
  • IB Diploma: English A or B at HL or SL
  • German Abitur after 2011

If you have not completed high school in a majority-English speaking country (ie. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand), an approved language exam is required in order to qualify for admission.

 You are welcome to attend the internal Berlin International language proficiency exam. It will be hosted via the software MS Teams and participation can only be offered after an application to one of our programs.


Dates for 2022:

  • 11th February - 8:00 - 14:00 *
  • 22nd April - 9:00 - 15:00 *
  • 16th June - 9:00 - 15:00 *
  • 7th July - 9:00 - 15:00 *
  • 5th September - 9:00 - 15:00 *

* All times given are Berlin local times.

To attend one of the exams, please end an email to


Preparatory School:

If you do not yet have level B2 English, and are eligible to study on a BA program at BI, you can sign up for our English Preparatory School.


Download 'English Language Proficiency Exam' sample

A portfolio is required for applications to one of the programs at the Faculty of Architecture & Design.


Requirements for the BA programs:

The portfolio can consist of anything that demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm for design and art. You can include sketches and drawings, photographic works, graphics and illustrations, flyers, posters, brochures, collages, paintings, prints, animations, videos, websites, technical drawings, models, sculptures, or any other creative work that relates to your study interest. 

Your portfolio does not need to be at a professional level, but it will be used to evaluate your creativity, motivation, talent, and interests.  It must be authentic and belong 100% to you.

Importantly, the portfolio must include detailed commentary explaining what you are presenting. Please indicate whether each piece is an original work, or what part of the project is your contribution. Describe the context in which it was created; whether it was a school project, professional assignment, or whether the work was done independently. 

Be clear about what skill set you are demonstrating with each piece of work. Materials and / or software used can also be listed.

Make sure the layout is appropriate for the type of work you are presenting. A4 landscape format is preferred.

Images should be clear and text should be legible. 

Make sure there is enough work – at least 10 pieces – and that there is enough variety to show a broad range of skills and interests. 

If you would like to include media such as video or a webpage, you can include a link in your portfolio. Please note that these kinds of media can only be considered as an appendix to your portfolio, but would not be sufficient on their own.

Compile your works into one PDF file with a maximum size of 25MB and upload it into your online application.


We are offer webinars on the topic of ‘Portfolio Advice’ throughout the year. For information on upcoming dates and how to register, please visit

If you have missed a recent webinar, then simply email us and we will be happy to send you the link to the recording.


Requirements for the MA Interior Design program:

All works presented must be related to Interior Design. If you have completed a degree outside of Interior Design, e.g. Architecture, please present as many works from your Bachelor program as you are able, alongside individually created Interior Design related works. Please present full projects from the start to the end in all stages. Feel free to also include different media such as drawings and pictures of actual models, not only PC created works. The portfolio needs to be submitted as one PDF file with a maximum size of 25MB.

BA program fees:

Non-EU Nationals

  • Tuition Fee - 3,960 EUR per semester, payable per semester (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Tuition Fee - 4,380 EUR per semester, payable per semester (Faculty of Architecture & Design)
  • Application Fee - 250 EUR one-time, non-refundable

EU Nationals

  • Tuition Fee - 3,960 EUR per semester, payable in 6 monthly installments of 660 EUR (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Tuition Fee - 4,380 EUR per semester, payable in 6 monthly installments of 730 EUR (Faculty of Architecture & Design)
  • Application Fee - 100 EUR one-time, non-refundable


MA/MBA program fees:

Non-EU Nationals

  • Tuition Fee (2 year program) - 5,280 EUR per semester, payable per semester
  • Tuition Fee (1 year program) - 6,000 EUR per semester, payable per semester
  • Application Fee - 250 EUR one-time, non-refundable

EU Nationals

  • Tuition Fee (2 year program) - 5,280 EUR per semester, payable in 6 monthly installments of 880 EUR
  • Tuition Fee (1 year program) - 6,000 EUR per semester, payable in 6 monthly installments of 1,000 EUR
  • Application Fee - 100 EUR one-time, non-refundable


Semester ticket:

Since 2014, the purchase of a semester ticket for public transport in Berlin zones ABC has been mandatory for all students of Berlin International. Students are required to pay for the ticket along with their tuition fee.

The agreed prices for the semester ticket are:

  • Spring semester 2022 - 205,20 EUR *
  • Fall semester 2022/23 - 205,20 EUR *

* The Berlin Senate will cover 11,40 EUR per ticket in support of students facing economic difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic.


You can get an overview of the full study fees per program here.


In addition to the study fees, we recommend calculating in the following costs:

  • Accommodation - around 500 - 800 EUR per month
  • Living costs - around 200 - 400 EUR per month (depending on your lifestyle)
  • German health insurance coverage - around 110 EUR per month
  • Materials cost for design and architecture students - around 150 EUR per semester

Your offer letter contains the initial fee installment to be paid in order to confirm and secure your seat. This initial fee covers the first of 6 monthly installments for EU nationals, or the full first semester fee for non-EU nationals, in addition to the Berlin transportation ticket fee for one semester and the one-time non-refundable application fee.

You may opt for a bank transfer or online payment via TransferMate. Information on both was sent along with your offer letter.


Here is further information on the online payment via TransferMate:

The easiest method of paying your study fees Internationally is through TransferMate Education. By using the TransferMate service, you are able to pay at your local bank in your home currency and will be offered a beneficial exchange rate without incurring any bank transfer charges. TransferMate makes it easier and cheaper for international students to pay for their study fees to Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.


What are the benefits?

  • Pay in your own currency.
  • A more streamlined payment process
  • No international sender/receiver fees
  • Great exchange rates
  • 24 hour customer service from TransferMate
  • 24 hour online tracking of payments
  • Bulk payment options

TransferMate lets you make international payments to Berlin International University of Applied Sciences for free where TransferMate has a localised account, without paying international banking charges, while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates.


Pay your Fees now!

STEP 1. Check your 'Invoice number’.

STEP 2. Visit the payment website and complete the brief registration form. Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today and then select ‘Process Transaction’.

STEP 3. Transfer the funds in your currency to the advised bank account.

STEP 4. Email with receipt of payment, a copy of your student passport, and your offer or invoice letter from Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.

STEP 5. Once TransferMate has received your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences and email you confirmation of payment. Sorted!


Once you have started your study program, the next payment will be due will be at the end of your first month with us (for EU nationals) or at the end of your first semester with us (for Non-EU nationals).


Click here to pay

1. General information:
Berlin International offers scholarships that consist of a 25% reduction of the tuition fee. A scholarship is granted for an academic year that covers the 12 months of a fall term and a spring term. Applications can be made by students admitted to one of the Bachelor study programs in the two weeks following the official start of the fall semester. Re-application is possible. All applications are handed in to the Students Affairs Office.

2. The following documents are required for the application:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • New Students: Letter of reference
  • Copy of last school certificate (for 1st semester students)
  • OIS-Transcript of Records (for 2nd semester students and higher)
  • Architecture and Design students: Portfolio

3. Selection criteria are motivation and academic excellence.

4. Procedure of decision-making:

  • The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture & Design and the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration evaluate the applications and prepare a written report that includes a ranking for the applicants of each faculty.
  • The reports are handed in to the President, who makes the final decision based on the results of the reports. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation.
  • The winners of the scholarships are called by the President to sign the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

5. Application period
The first two weeks of each academic year. The results will be announced within four weeks.


We are currently not offering any scholarships for Masters programs.


The German federal government provides student loans for German students in need of financial support. Only a part of each loan has to be paid back. The situation of each student is evaluated individually, according to general criteria. Berlin International students can apply for financial support when they begin their studies. International students who have resided in Germany for a number of years may also be eligible for this support. Complete information on how to apply, what criteria are evaluated, and who is eligible for financial support can be found on the German-language website for the BAföG financial support system: BAföG Information Pages - Federal Ministry of Education and Research. An application is possible both before and after applicants have started their studies at Berlin International.


Other governmental support

If you are not a German citizen, you may want to check if your country's government offers any financial support for students.

From experience we know that this is offered e.g. from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Student Affairs team will be happy to fill in and provide any forms you may need to apply for support in your country.


DAKA and student loans

If you require another alternative as financial support while studying at BI, we can recommend the DAKA Berlin, a non-profit credit union that provides student loans. For 65 years, the DAKA has provided additional funding for students of its member institutions, and does so without regard to age, income, or nationality. Please find more information here.


Other scholarships

There are general scholarships available and you can find information through a simple online search. Upon request we can also provide you with a list of useful websites to start your search.


Student jobs

Another way to help finance yourself will be by taking on a student job. Your study program will be intensive, with around 25 in-class hours and 20 hours for self-study. Any work will need to be scheduled around the class timings, as timetables are not flexible to be arranged according to your individual needs.

If you will be in Germany on a student visa, please ensure you do not exceed the maximum number of hours you are allowed to work. This may be restricted to 120 days of 8 hours, or 240 days of 4 hours per annum.

Berlin International does offer part-time student assistant jobs on a regular basis or for certain events on campus. Once you are a registered student, you will be informed of such vacancies.

If you have studied before, whether a complete degree or just a few semesters and credits, you may want to consider applying for their recognition towards a degree with us.

It may be that you have studied the same subject before and wish to apply for entry into a higher semester, or that you have studied a different subject and would like individual courses to be acknowledged. Please indicate this on the application form.

Here you will find more information on the processes.


Transfer into a higher semester

You are welcome to apply as a transfer student into a higher semester for Spring and Fall semesters. You will be eligible to do so only if you have studied within the same subject and at the same degree level before.


The following documents must be submitted in addition to all above mentioned:

  • All university transcripts showing your courses, grades and credits earned
  • Your degree certificate, if applicable
  • Official module description of your Bachelor study program showing all courses and a detailed explanation of their content

All documents must be submitted in their original language, with an official translation into English or German, if applicable.


The application process is as follows:

  1. We will check your eligibility to study in Germany.
  2. Upon eligibility confirmation, you will receive the 'Potential Acknowledgement Form' for your program and need to select the courses you want acknowledged.
  3. You will send it back to us along with your official university transcripts and official syllabus/ module descriptions of the selected courses.
  4. You will receive an evaluation of what courses can be acknowledged and whether you would qualify for a start into a higher semester.
  5. If you accept the result, your application will go through the application and selection process.
  6. If accepted, you will receive an offer of admission.
  7. The final decision about your course and credit acknowledgment is incumbent to the commission of the prospective faculty.


The examinations board will only review applications for credit transfers in the case of students who have begun the formal application process. Please also note that we offer 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters only in the Fall term and 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters in the spring term.


Acknowledgement of individual courses

If you have studied before and want to have individual courses acknowledged that you think match some of the ones of your chosen BI program, even though you have studied a different subject, then you are welcome to apply to have these acknowledged. Simply answer the relevant question with 'Yes' on the application form and we will get in contact with you. The acknowledgement process for individual courses will be completed independently of the program application selection process.


The application process is as follows:

  1. We will check your eligibility to study in Germany.
  2. Your application will go through the selection process.
  3. If accepted, you will receive an offer.
  4. You will receive the 'Potential Acknowledgement Form' for your program and need to select the courses you want acknowledged.
  5. You will send it back to us along with your official university transcripts and official syllabus/ module descriptions of the selected courses.
  6. Once the evaluation is completed, you will receive the result of whether the courses can be recognized or not. This process should not take longer than 2 weeks.
  7. The final decision about your course and credit acknowledgment is incumbent to the commission of the prospective faculty.


The request to acknowledge individual courses will still be possible after the start of the study program. However, please note that a transfer into a higher academic semester will no longer be possible at this stage.


You applied and received an offer of admission? Congratulations!


These are the next steps for you to take:

1. Accept your offer.

2. Pay the initial fee.

3. Receive the Confirmation of Admission and Visa Invitation Letter, if applicable.

4. Arrange visa, accommodation, bank account and German health insurance, if applicable.

5. Receive access to your BI email account.

6. Complete the official registration during Welcome Week.

7. And finally, you should be all set up to start your study program.

By law each registered student at a German-accredited higher education institute will have to be registered with a German statutory insurance company, until the age of 30. German statutory companies include the DAK, AOK, Barmer, IKK, TK and many more. Berlin International has an agreement with the DAK insurance. The coverage will allow you to visit a doctor when you are in need. The monthly fees mount to around 110 EUR for full coverage.


You may also opt to join a private insurance provider instead. In that case, you will still need to contact a statutory insurance company to apply for an exemption from your compulsory coverage. If your application is approved, you can keep your private insurance, however, you will not be allowed to change back into a statutory company whilst studying in Germany, should you wish to do so at a later stage.


During your study time, it will be your responsibility to look after your payments to your insurance provider. Should you fail to do so, they will inform us and could even ask us to de-register you for failing to pay the fees.


An exception to the compulsory health insurance coverage is if you are a non-German holding a valid European Health Insurance Card. This will cover you for as long as it is valid and you (or your family) are continuing to pay insurance fees in your home country.

Another exception is made for countries that  have a Social Security Agreement with Germany, such as Turkey.

Find more information on this topic on the  New Student Guide.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer accommodation for students. Upon request we will be happy to issue a list of websites that can get your search started.

When looking for accommodation, please keep in mind the following advice to ensure you are not subject to fraud:

  • Do not transfer any money without seeing the room/ flat you want to rent and receiving the key

  • Check if you can register yourself to this address with the registry office (Bürgeramt). If not, then we would recommend not choosing this accommodation.

  • Try to speak to your future flatmates

  • Check what is included in the price, e.g. electricity, gas, water, internet, etc.

For information on the visa requirements, please contact the German consulate in your country of citizenship. A list of consulates per country can be found here: ( 


General information on applying for a visa for the purpose of studying can be found here:


The conditions can vary greatly between countries and even individuals, so it’s always better to go directly to the responsible authority for the most accurate, up to date information. 

You may want to consider asking a company like Expatrio or Fintiba for assistance with your visa arrangements, blocked account, etc.

Berlin International will provide a visa invitation letter once the application process has been completed, and you have secured your place by making your first payment. 


Watch our video for a summary of the most important things to consider for your visa application.

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