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Use our Online Catalogue (iOPAC) to find books, periodicals (= journals, magazines, newspapers) and other items available in our library. In addition, our holdings can also be found in Union Catalogues.


BI Library Online Catalogue

  • All holdings: books, periodicals and other resource types

KOBV Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

(Union Catalogue for Berlin & Brandenburg)

  • All holdings: books, periodicals and other resource types
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KVK Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog

(Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue from Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)

  • All holdings: books, periodicals and other resource types

ZDB Zeitschriftendatenbank

(German Union Catalogue of Serials)

  • Periodicals only


When using our iOPAC, please observe some basic instructions as included in this

And do not hesitate to ask your librarian in person, by e-mail or by phone.


Here you find the last three newsletters informing about new acquisitions.


April 14 – May 31, 2018 

February 1 – April 13, 2018

January 2018


Issues Available in Our Library (Print Only)

For a list of the journals and their print issues available in our library / on campus, use this link:

Journals of Berlin International Library in the ZBD catalogue


External Weblinks

In the following LibGuides, you will find external links for the periodicals owned by our library: journal archives, freely availabe full texts, as well as records of Barbaros Kütüphanesi, the University Library of BI Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi in Istanbul.

Design, Architecture, Arts

Business, Economics

Social Science, Political Science, Politics

Higher Education, Research

All Journals A-Z


    For 2019 and in cooperation with the Design teaching staff, Berlin International Library intends to establish an in-house Materials Library as a central resource for research and creative work of students and faculty.


    Berlin International already possesses a growing materials collection. Plans for the in-house Materials Library include:

    • collecting & cataloguing of materials samples, including images and material attributes (e.g. type, composition, properties, application);
    • organizing & displaying of the materials samples for easy browsing;
    • focus on current developments & sustainable materials;
    • integration of printed & digital resources, especially textbooks and supplier catalogues.


    Do you want to recommend a title for acquisition?

    There are different ways to do that:

    In any case, please give us as much details as possible, especially:

    • ISBN / ISSN,
    • title,
    • author's / editor's name,
    • year of publication or edition number.

    The more details you give us, the easier it will be for us to locate and acquire the book.



    In this  , you will find National Licenses for electronic resources funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG) and acquired by our library.


    As a rule, the respective databases can be accessed on campus only. Note, however, that an individual registration (text in German only) is also possible.


    If you are looking for full texts on the web, you can use several multidisciplinary search interfaces.


    This gives information on:

    • academic search engines,
    • academic databases for books & journals,
    • academic databases for theses & dissertations,
    • cooperative search interfaces for digitized items from libraries, archives and museums.


    When looking for books or journals not available in our library or on the web, consider registering for a user card in other (academic) libraries in & around Berlin, as documented in this .


    If you only need bibliographic information – for instance, because you just want to import titles into

    your Reference Manager (RM) –, you might want to search in Union, State or National Libraries catalogues.

    This    contains a selection of them.


      In this , you will find library catalogues, portals & interfaces for the specialized search in the areas of Design, Architecture & Arts. The list also includes portals for images on Art, Architecture & Culture, as well as materials databases.



      In this , you will find library catalogues and databases for the specialized search in the areas of Economics & Business, also including selected search interfaces for Social Science, Political Science, Law. The list also comprises portals / databases for stats & facts, as well as news portals.


        If you are not able to find a publication in our library, in a library near you or on the web, you can use the following services:

        • Document Delivery Services (DDS)
        • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
        • Digitization on Demand (DoD).

        For information about these services, please refer to this


        Note, however, that most of these services are not free of charge.




        Our own contents on Information Literacy (IL) are planned to be made available here in the winter of 2018/2019.


        For the time being, please refer to the external resources listed in this .


        Our own contents on Reference Management Software are planned to be made available here in the winter of 2018/2019.


        For the time being, please refer to the external resources listed in this .



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